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Where do you get your wood?

Wood comes from many areas on Vancouver Island. Trees and blocks of wood have come from people's property due to wind and snowstorms that have caused the trees to fall. Wood is also bought from local small mill operators, specialty wood outlets and online.

What kind of wood do you use?

I use a variety of wood species which include hardwoods and softwoods. Bigleaf Maple , Arbutus, Cherry, Plum, Apple, Walnut, Dogwood, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Pacific Yew, Juniper and Douglas Fir are the main woods I use. I like to use woods with a lot of color variations, figure and birds eye.

What finish do you use on your wood products?

On products that come in contact with food I use Odie's Oil and Wax, Clark’s Cutting Board Finish or Walrus Oil and Wax.  These products are food safe and do not contain nuts.

On other products that do not come in direct contact with food I use Saico Hardware Finish, Emmets Good Stuff or Lacquer.

What does birds eye yellow cedar mean? What does arbutus colour variations mean and look like?

Birds eye maple and birds eye yellow cedar are darker specs that look like tiny, swirly eyes in the wood.  This is a rare anomaly which occur in some burls.
Figured maple is also referred to as quilt,  flame, tiger striped or curly and is also a rare anomaly found in  some trees.
Colour variations in arbutus are shades of red which are sometimes present near the centre part of old arbutus trees.

Where would customers request the words to be engraved on products?

There is a place on the Check Out page under the title, Order Notes (Optional ), where you can type in the words you would like engraved.

Can you engrave additional words on products which are not offered as an option?

In most cases, yes, but please contact Andre with your request.

How should products be cared for?

Only products that come in contact with food may need maintenance.  If products need to be washed, use mild soap, rinse and dry well.  Do not leave the wood sitting in water. If the finish wears and the wood looks dry, refinish with a food safe finish made for wooden products. Food safe finishes for wood are often sold in hardware stores, specialty wood stores and online.  Clapham's Salad Bowl Finish, Walrus Oil and Wax, Odie's Oil and Wax and Clark's Cutting Board Oil and Wax are finishes I recommend using if the wooden products need refinishing.  Avoid using cooking oils for refinishing as they may go rancid. Also, keep the wooden wares out of direct sunlight, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave.  A care card will be included with all products that may require maintenance.

Are all products purchased, identical to the photos on the website?

No, some products purchased may have a slight variation in color and grain pattern as each product is handcrafted and every piece of wood is unique.

Please email me if you would like me to send a photo of the exact piece you will be receiving.

Do you make custom products/furniture?

On occasion, certain custom products and furniture will be made.  Please contact Andre via email.

Do you sell your wood products to retailers at wholesale prices?

Some wood products are sold at wholesale prices.  Please contact Andre via email.

How much does it cost for shipping the webpage items?

$20 for anywhere in Canada, $30 USA, and $40 overseas.

What is your return policy?

If your item arrives damaged, let me know and I will send a replacement free of charge. Otherwise, all sales are final.
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